Hilton the School of Marketing Logo

logo design


The School of Marketing, an internal dynamic learning platform for Hilton, was needing its own brand and visual identity to establish itself within the marketing department to engage and nature the professional growth of employees.

The goal of the project was to develop a recognizable and representative logo that promotes the engagement of the marketing events and its educational marketing contents for professional development. The logo and visual identity had to be unique, distinguishable, and education-inspired while staying with the corporate brand guidelines—typography and colors.


The concept for this logo was that the shield motif—which is often associated with universities and academia—provides an attractive visual aspect to the logo and evokes a sense of higher learning.

The letters were designed to be very geometric and abstract to add a distinctive look. They can be removed from the symbol and rearranged, transforming into the pattern and creating a unique, playful, and impactful visual identity.

The logo was created within the parameter that was set by Hilton’s brand guideline to stay within the brand. However, a slightly different and unique way of using them helps to provide its own unique visual identity.

Art Director: Sachie Kohlman